Sunday, December 20, 2009

ELA Benchmark Assessment Results

Each month, we send you the results of all of the ELA benchmark assessment results from participating schools. We do this to help you compare your school's performance on these assessments to other Skills Iowa schools.

The best way to make this comparison is to run an Assessment Results report from the teacher account to compare your class to school accounts or to run the same report from the administrator account to compare your school to other schools. Finding your school in the report may be difficult since your report was run at a different time than the report we send you. The results could show assessments that have been entered after we ran our report.

The data you see is limited to what percent of each grade at each participating school fell into each of the four performance levels. This information should allow you to see if other schools are making progress that you are not making or vice versa. All data is useful, including disappointing data. If your school is falling short, you need to know this as soon as possible, and that is one of the purposes of this report.

What this report will not show you is where your students are excelling and where they are falling short of goals. Your own Assessment Results will show this, and this data is very important.

If you need help using these reports, please contact your project leader.

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